Rapha, Ride in Flying Colours. 

The yellow jersey. Polka dots. Pink or red. Whether it’s leaders jerseys, checkered flags, team colours or rainbow bands, cycling has always been a riot of colour. Whether you’re matching your outfit, mirroring your mood or motivating yourself ahead of the new season, we created a campaign that allowed cylists to express themselves in new colours. Building on the previous colours campaign that became one of Raphas most successful in the first quarter, we aimed to excite and attract new and exisiting customers. 

Running across, OOH, social, web and in-store across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 

Client: Rapha
Art Direction: Alexa Boldy
Creative Direction: Ger Tierny, Matt Tucker. 
Production: Bethan Moore & Fiona Percival
Photography: Luke & Nik