Art Director & Designer

Tour De Force: Rapha x Palace

High speed and high stakes, big risks and bigger rewards. Contracts on the line, careers to be made and, of course, cycling’s most prestigious prize to be won. But what is the world’s greatest bike race without half of the world’s population? Going full gas means no half measures, and this year we’re all in.

For the first time since the 80s, the party doesn’t stop in Paris and women as well as men will be on the startline at the world’s biggest bike race. To celebrate, Rapha partnered once again with Palace Skateboards to create a limited edition switch-out kit for the riders of EF Education-TIBCO-SVB and EF Education-EasyPost.

And as the Tour goes back to the future with the first women’s race since the 80s, so are we. Tune in for four weeks of coverage that have been 33 years in the making and get set for the collection launch as we celebrate not just another Tour de France, but a Tour de Force.

The project ran across in-store, POS, print, web, emails, film, organic and paid social. It was centre stage at the Tour De France. Individuals were embedded amongst the Mens & Womens team to create daily content on the Tour for the whole month of July. 

Client: Rapha & Palace
Brand Art Direction: Alexa Boldy
Photography: Benedict Brink

Creative Direction: Ger Tierney/ Stuart Hammond
Production: James Graley/ Control Tower
DOP: Ed Hubert
Director: Adam Toddhunter
Hair: Takuya Uchiyama
Set: Louis Simonon
Styling: Gary David Moore

Production Manager: Abigail Fleming

Production Manager: Jade Almond

Production Assistant: Jeremy Rwakasiisi

Location Manager: Brandon Palmer

Location Coordinator: John Hedges

1st Assistant director: Carla Kaempfer

1st Stills Assistant: Pedro Faria

2nd Stills Assistant: Francisco Ferreira

Focus Puller: Juan Minotta

Clapper Loader: Mark James

Gaffer: Jamie Hitchens

Art Dept Assistant: Matty Mancey

Bike Technician: Hamish Paine

Styling Assistant: Florence Armstrong

Talent: Owain Doull, Magdeleine Valieres,Sarah Poideven, Charlie Birch,

Tammy Miller, Dino Da Silva, Kaspa Kapica