Art Director & Designer

ThisWorks Love Sleep Campaign

Before text, there was touch.

Before Siri, there was sweet-talk.

Before phones, there were pheromones.

I worked with ODD to launch a new campaign for This Works to coincide with the sleep and beauty wellness expert’s latest product launch: Love Sleep.
Developed to bridge the gap between sex and wellness, Love Sleep enables the user to experience enhanced intimacy, togetherness and confidence whilst also supporting a good night’s sleep.
Based on the insight that technology has overtaken our bedrooms and they are no longer a space to relax, connect and unwind, our digitally-disruptive campaign encourages people to “Reclaim the Bedroom” for what is was originally intended: sex and sleep.

We distinctively spoke to tech-savvy consumers about their habits, concluding with a clear call to action to re-think what the bedroom should be used for. Categorising these within the five senses enables imagery that feels more tactile.

I worked as junior art director throughout the project predomenantly in pre and post production. Assiting with concepts, designs, developing art direction and post production.

Creative Agency: ODD London
Creative Direction: Hannah Vere and Eilidh Ratcliffe
Art direction: Dana Reid
Junior Art Director: Alexa Boldy
Strategy: Lucinda Bounsall
Photographer and Director: Ben Madgwick
MUA: gina Kane
Stylist: roberta Hollis
Casting: Tide Casting
Producer: Megan O’Hagan